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We sell all kinds of products for all your water purification needs, everything from industrial to domestic water purifiers, reverse osmosis units,
replacement filters etc. Clean water is a scarce and delicate resource that is of utmost importance for good health. Invest in clean water is
investing in good health! Our products are of top quality to provide you with sparkling clean water every time.
Feel free to browse through our product catalogue below and find the best water purification system to suit your
everyday needs


What does a Reverse Osmosis Filter System do?

Producing Drinking Water Using Reverse Osmosis Although Reverse Osmosis seems like a complex system it is really a simple and straightforward water filtration process. And it’s not a new process. High-pressure (pump driven) reverse osmosis systems have been used for...

About Reverse Osmosis

How clean is your drinking water? In South Africa the water industry has become a booming industry. All over there are popping up new shops that sell water to the public.  This is because the quality of our municipal supply has been dropping over the years. In many...

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